Saturday, June 30, 2012

Judah's birthday party

Judah asked for a "pirate cake" this year for his birthday. So, I went with the pirate theme for his 4th birthday party. When we asked Judah who he wanted to invite to his party he started listing all the kids from his school and some buddies from church. Because there was no way we would be able to fit that many people in our house, we decided to rent out a kids indoor play space for his party. I tell you what, it was well worth the cost! They set everything up, play with the kids in this crazy big jungle gym structure, organize and supervise games, serve all the kids food and drinks, cut and serve the cake, and clean everything up. Awe-some! Judah had a blast and is still thanking us a week later for his fun birthday party.

I made a treasure chest cake for Judah this year and melted my heart when he went in to the kitchen to see it and said "wowwww!". So worth the heartache from earlier that day when I part of the cake fell apart and I had to bake another cake to finish it. And yes, I made the cake from scratch. I also made a dairy free cake for me and I decided to make a pirate hat. I had used some food coloring to draw a skull and bones on some fondant to put on the cake but the color bled and looked super scary. So, I used some extra beads and the treasure map from Judah's birthday cake on his birthday to try and cover up the scary part. All in all, a great day. So much less stress than the other parties I have thrown in the past. Enjoy the pictures!

Hanging out in the jungle gym area

 Kelila Hanging out

Organized Games and playing on all the gym equipment

Trying to get a group shot. These always crack me up! And I love the ones with Kelila in them!

The pirate hat cake

The treasure chest cake

The kids eating their pizza

The Kelilameister

Blowing out candles

A family shot after the party

Judah is 4!

Where has the time gone?!

This past year has been really fun for Dan and I as we interact with Judah.  He is so expressive which, though challenging at times, is so awesome.  It is amazing to hear him as he formulates his thoughts and can actually express what he is thinking and feeling.  He is also really starting to use his imagination when he plays which I love watching and listening to!

Judah is so sweet.  He LOVES his sisters so much and is extremely protective of them.  I can't wait to see how this translates later in life when Iz and Kelila have friends who are mean to them and when they start having boyfriends! He is always giving them hugs and kisses and wanting to do things with them.  He loves to make Kelila laugh and he always makes sure that she has a toy to play with.  He refers to Iz as "my Izzy" and doesn't like to go to bed without her in the room.  He wants her to play with him all the time and now that Iz is getting a little older, they are actually playing together a lot more. 

Judah loves school! I will really miss this school!! He says his favorite part of school is "choosing work".  I would have thought it would be snack or playing on the playground, but he always says its choosing work.  His teachers are always saying that he is such a great worker and loves to learn new things.  He watches others very intently when they are doing something he hasn't done before and then he typically will go and ask a teacher for a "lesson" on whatever activity the other kid was doing.  It can be challenging at times to get him to open up about his day (I feel like he is already a teenager when it comes to this!) but usually there is at least one thing he wants to talk about.

This kid is pure energy!  This is not surprising since he has been this way since he was little, but it seems that he has more energy than ever before.  It can be a little overwhelming at times- Hah! He loves to run, ride his scooter (which he calls his skateboard), play hopscotch, and jump!

I love this guy so much.  Sometimes I look at him and lose myself in the overwhelming love I have for him (other times I look at him and wonder what I am going to do with him, but I digress...). 

Anyways, here are some pictures of him opening presents on his birthday
Judah's cake for his actual day
Blowing out candles
I asked my parents and Dan's parents if they would join efforts and buy Judah a "big boy" bike for his birthday.  It's a little big for him, but he loves it! We will have to work on the peddling since he prefers to be pushed.  He also gets a little nervous because of the bike being "wobbly".  He'll get it though.  Here are pictures from when he received the bike. I love the look on his face when he saw the bike for the first time.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another great conversation

Judah has some great conversations with Dan.  Here is another one from the end of February.

Judah: daddy, I want to show aunt Kiki and uncle David!!
Dan: no Judah. They are probably still sleeping.
J: why?
D: because they don't have kids.

haha! So True.

Kiddos during the second half of february

Love this girls smile!

Smiling at daddy

Iz also has a great smile. In fact, all the kids do. I love that our kids have so much joy and laughter in their lives!

Judah reading a book. Love that his legs are crossed! Hah!

Iz decided that she wanted to wear her hat one night while playing

Iz is like a tornado. She never stays in one place for long and she leaves destruction (aka a mess) everywhere she has been. But I love her like crazy!

Judah decided to get in on the hat wearing when he saw Iz

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture of Judah. He always wants to play fireman and he rides around on his truck saying "help is on the way!"

"Why are you taking a picture of me and my crazy bed head mom?"


I get to start my day with this face (and the other kiddos and Dan). How lucky am I?!

So sweet